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一本漬けたくあん One whole Pickled Radish[0464-D]

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特徴: ■無添加 天日干し大根 氷温熟成 ■懐かしい味 ■そのまま、または細く切って炒めても

原材料: 特別栽培大根・米糠・とうがらし・昆布(国内産)、海の精

開封前賞味期限: 要冷蔵で1年

Features: Specially grown domestic radish used; very simple authentic taste. No additives, dried under sun, ice-temperature aging. Eat as it is, or thin-cut & stir-fry!!

Ingredient: specially grown radish, rice bran, red pepper, kelp (domestic), salt(Sea Nymph)

Expiry: 1 year (Chill)
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