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オーサワジャパン紅ショウガ Ohsawa Japan- Pickled Ginger[0483-D]

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特徴: ■紅玉梅酢使用 無着色、無添加 非加熱 ■生姜の辛みと梅酢が美味しい

原材料: 生姜(高知産)、梅酢(奈良産)

開封前賞味期限: 冷暗所で6ヶ月
Features: Akadama Plum vinegar used; no colours, no additives, no heating, ginger`s spicy and plum-sourness.

Ingredient: specially grown ginger (domestic), plum vinegar (Nara)

Expiry: 6 months (Chill)
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