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オーサワのもろみごぼう Ohsawa Japan-Mash Gobo[0477-D]

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特徴: 無添加、氷温熟成 本醸造醤油・味噌・本みりん使用、砂糖不使用 国産原料100% ■味わい深く、素朴なおいしさ ■刻んでごはんと一緒に

原材料: ごぼう、本醸造醤油・味噌・本みりん(埼玉産)

開封前賞味期限: 冷暗所で6ヶ月

Features: Domestic imgredients 100% used; rich taste and deeply rustic flavor; no additives, ice-temperature aging. Brewed soy sauce, miso and mirin are used; no sugar. Chopping it, together with rice!!

Ingredient: burdock, brewed soy sauce, miso, mirin (Saitama)

Expiry: 6 months (Chill)
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