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ベターホームのおろしりんご Betterhome-Grated Apples[BTH-0011-D]

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食文化の向上に貢献する財団法人ベターホーム協会の 自信作です。一番おいしい時期に収穫した国産のふじ、 紅玉をすりおろし、そのままパックしました。缶の封を 切るだけで、旬のおろしリンゴがそのまま味わえます。  

1缶200g入りで、砂糖、香料は一切加えておりませんので たっぷりお召し上がりいただけます。リンゴは生活習慣病の予防に効果的であることが明らかに なってきました。また病中、病後あるいは子供の育児にも 適した食材です。

賞味期限: 3年

Grated Apples is the most recommended item of Betterhome which has makes a great contribution towards improvement of food-culture.

The Japanese Fuji and Kougyoku apples are one of the most popular throughout the years. To make it easy and convenient for consumption, it has been grated them and packed into small cans so that you can enjoy their freshly packed grated apples, just by pulling the seal.

One can of this "Grated Apples" contains 200g and contains no sugar or artificial flavouring. It is strongly advisable to use it for one time consumption.

Apple is very effective for preventing diseases, ideal for the people who are sick or just recovered from some illness, and also for nursing of younger children!!

A famous quote: 'An Apple a day keeps the doctor away'

Expiry: 3 years
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