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Mild Kelp Tea[2934-D]

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昆布100% 宗谷海水塩使用

原材料 :昆布粉末 根昆布粉末 刻み昆布(北海道)、食塩(宗谷海水塩)


Features : Souya-Kelp (Hokkaido) 100% used ; sea salt used ; mellow taste
No additives, roasted kelp and ne-kombu(kelp`s root) powder used ;
Dissolve in hot water as `kelp tea`, or for cooking broth

Ingredient : kelp powder, root-kelp powder, tickked kelp(Hokkaido),salt(sea salt)

Content : 50g/pack x 30 packs
Individual consumer can buy from 1 piece

Expiry : 1 year
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