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Tanba Black Beans Tea[2911-D]

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丹波黒大豆100%使用 :ティーバッグで煮出し簡単

原材料 :丹波黒大豆(国内産)


Features : Tanba Black Bean 100% used ; easily extractable tea bag used ;
Easy to drink with nice flavor; simmer it 3-5 mins with 1 litre-boiling water, then
remove the tea bag (the black beans tea is ready )
or pouring over cooked rice-(Ochazuke is ready !!) , or
use it for nimono-cooking, too (secret taste, added !! )

Ingredient : Tanba (Hyogo Pref.) black beans (domestic)

Content : 10g x 10bags/pack x 25 packs
Individual consumer can buy from 1 piece

Expiry : 1 year
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