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Blueberry & Bilberry 100[1320-D]

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原材料 :ビルベリー(ヨーロッパ産)、ローブッシュベリー(カナダ、アメリカ産)


Features : By adding wild lowbushberry (having sweet taste), ease the unque
bitterness of bilberry ; can drink as it is (delicious !!)
No additives ; 100% fruit juice
Using measuring cup attached ; 30-50ml(one time)---, 2-3 times a day

**Very good for your eyes ; for beautiful life !!

Ingredient : bilberry (Europe), lowbushberry (Canada, USA)

Content : 720ml/bottle x 6 bottles
Individual consumer can buy from 1 piece

Expiry : 1 year
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