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有機黒胡麻せんべい、Organic Brown Rice Cracker with black sesame[3333-D]

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砂糖、動物性原料、添加物不使用 :香り高い黒胡麻の風味、サクサクの食感

原材料 :有機玄米(国内産)、有機黒胡麻(中国産)、有機たまり醤油(愛知産)


Features : Domestic organic hulled rice, milled and steamed up, baked up, adding
organic black sesame ; seasoned by organic tamari soysauce(fermented in cedar
barrels ; Rich flavor of black sesame, crispy texture
1 bag = 263kcal ; no sugar, no animal ingredients, no additives

Ingredient : organic hulled rice(domestic), organic black sesame(China),
organic tamari soysauce(Aichi)

Content : 60g/bag x 20 bags
Individual consumer can buy from 1 piece

Expiry : 6 months (dry)
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