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Wakame-Ume Udon, (Seaweed-Plum Udon)[FMK-0003-F]

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冷凍麺 :創業1950年の麺工場で打ちたて、湯がきたてを即冷凍

賞味期限 : 冷凍90日

Frozen Noodle : Made at the noodle factory (established in 1950), frozen instantly
Plum noodle, kneaded with Nankoubai(plum) in Kishu(Wakayama) ; All in one-set ;
noodle + soup + ingredients( seaweed, plum ) + spring onion ;
All you have to do is ; prepare pot+ boiling water !!

Expiry : 90 days (frozen)
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