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炭火焼きうなぎ蒲焼、Charcoal Grilled Eel[UOI-0001-F]

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慶応三年の創業以来、備長炭で焼く手焼きによる関西地焼き炭火焼うなぎにこだわり続けてきました。活きた鰻を職人の手で一尾一尾開き、串を打ち、備長炭の強力な熱で焼ききった蒲焼は ”炭火焼地焼き”独特の焼き色と香ばしい香りが特長です。その食感は焼き面はパリッとサクサクで中身はフワフワと柔らかい“魚伊独特の味”に仕上がっています。職人達が永年にわたり継承し続けている卓越した技から生まれる伝統の味をご堪能ください。

Uoi, established in 1867(Keio 3). Since then, they have been grilling their eels with Bincho tan (charcoal).

They cut living-eels, fix them on a skewer and grill them with Bincho-tan-charcoal, which give their eels special baking colour and sweet taste. Crispy on surface, juice inside after one bite; (this is Uoi`s taste). Please enjoy this traditional taste of Uoi`s, brought from their skills which had been inherited for a long time.
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