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千房お好み焼きもちチーズ焼き, Mochi Cheese Yaki( 200gx2pcs)[CBO-0001-F]

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賞味期限 180日 (冷凍)

もち・チーズ入りお好み焼(200g)×2枚入リ (千房ソース・ホワイトソース・あおさのり・かつお節各2袋入り)

The delicious combination of mochi & cheese okonomiyaki, to the ladies on the street of Osaka, it is No.1 most popular dish!

Mochi, Cheese Okonomiyaki 200g x 2pcs (Chibo cheese - white cheese), Seaweed, Katsuo (fish flakes) x 2pkts each

Weight: (200g x2pcs) x 4 boxes
Expiry: 180days (Frozen)

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