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深川めし2合炊き入り, Fukagawa Asarimeshi-no-moto Sauce[FKGW-0002-F]

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深川は江戸時代は漁師の町として栄え、江戸前の魚介や海苔を 捕る漁師がたくさんいました。  

特に良質のアサリが取れ深川名物とされました。それを使った おいしく栄養価の高い深川めしは漁師の日常食として発達しました。  新鮮なアサリから出るエキスが味噌味にコクを加える庶民の味を、 今に伝えるべく、深川宿は日夜励んでおります。

Fukagawa was developed as fisherman town in Edo-period and there were many fisherman engaged in fishery actiivities, getting fish, shell and seaweed.

Asari was famous product of Fukagawa and Fukagawa-meshi was developed as common food among fisherman. Fukagawa-meshi is a kind of donburi (丼) topped with asari and miso. Extract from asari well matches with miso and conveys traditional taste to the comtemporary consumer.
Fukagawa Asarimeshi-no-moto Sauce(150g) is for 2-cup-rice
Just mix it with 2-cup-rice and cook them, can enjoy "Fukagawa-meshi"

Content : 150g x 5 bags
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