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細根付わさびLサイズ, Fresh Wasabi[WNM-0002-C]

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The oldest wasabi farm in Japan, Wasabi no Monzen. Located in 800m above sea level, the wasabi was cultivated with much effort, generation after generation in the wasabi field. It is totally different from tube wasabi. No taste is comparable to the live wasabi. Do make sure to try the refreshing hot wasabi with a faint taste of sweetness. Not only with sashimi, it can be used widely with steak, marinated food and Chatuke. We will deliver the freshly picked wasabi that could not be found in shop front.

Characteristics of Monzen Wasabi
The feature of Utougi wasabi is possession of strong flavor that no other region can be compared. There are a lot of premature wasabi in the market now. Monzen wasabi was cultivated over 1 1/2 year with top picked bread that is highly rich in flavor.

There is also the geographic advantage of wasabi birthplace. The cultivation process was long and painful but giving enough time to grow was the exact reason that gave birth to this delicious wasabi.

Content: 12pcs - 1kg
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