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ブルーベリー果実酢、Blueberry Vinegar with honey[PLT-0003-D]

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内容量 :120ml/瓶

It is delivered from the blueberry village of Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume City surrounded by fresh air, water and greenery of nature.

Only the fruit of domestic blueberry is used. Brewed with delicious water from the foot of Yame Mountain, Kyushu and acetic acid bacterium and added 20% honey. (Only domestic honey were used).

The fruity and faintly soured blueberry vinegar is mainly diluted and drink with water. Aboveall, it is drink diluted with water, thus economical!

Blueberry and vinegar are good for the body and is perfect for those who are concerned about health

Content : 120ml/bottle
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