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BioMas and Biodegradable Plastic

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Nowadays plastic waste is creating big problem in the world
Plastic products are normally made of petroleum based resin and when it burn, the air is polluted by CO2 and
other harmful gas depending on type of plastic
In order to solve this problem and contribute to reduce environmental load, we are promoting
BioMas and Biodegradable Plastic for making products by injection molding and sheet molding as shown in the photos.
Our BioMas and Biodegradable Plastic is made of plant based and biodegradable plastic Unlike normal plastic,
very little exhaust gas and calorie produced when it burn. Raw material is plant which absorb CO2 when it grows
so it is considered as CARBON NEUTRAL which means CO2 not increased in the environment.
Since this is Biodegradable, it is discomposed in the ground and even in the sea and back to the nature.
We are sure that we can contribute to protect environment by making plastic products with BioMas Plastic.
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