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角谷文治郎商店 - 三州三河みりん 国内産純もち米本格仕込み Sumiya - Sanshu Mikawamirin[SMY-0002-D]

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焼ちゅう仕込み、自家精米 原料の米を厳選し、自社精米工場で精米して仕込みます。もち米と共に使う焼酎も同じく、自社製で仕込み、蒸留したものを使っています。無味無臭のアルコールではなく、みりん原料に適した香り豊かな本格焼ちゅうやもち米を吟味しています。


The original Mikawa Mirin that had continued the traditional brewing method had the best flavor and rich taste. The long term brewing, over one year through different season and the climate of Mikawa gave its deep taste. The taste is different from products made within 2~3 months or overseas processed products imported and re-processed for a second time.

Shochu is made from self grown top picked rice as ingredient and processed in own factory. Same as Shochu, the glutinous rice used were produced and distilled in own company. It is not the scentless and tasteless alcohol, the glutinous rice and original Shochu with a rich smell is examined to suite the Mirin ingredient.
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