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和田萬 - 楽楽ごまあえ Wadaman - Raku Raku Sesame Dressing[WDM-0007-D]

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添加物を使っていません!色んな食材にまぜるだけ! もう一品がほしいとき、さっと【ごまあえ】できたら楽ちん。まぜるだけです、手間いらず。 化学調味料(アミノ酸等)、着色料など一切不使用。 華やかな香りと贅沢な旨味を醸し出す『和田萬・黄金香りごま』をベースに無添加の醤油と無添加のかつおとまったりコクの薩南二温糖を配合しました。


No additive is used!
Only for mixing with various types of ingredients.

When another course is needed, it is easy with 'Sesame Dressing'.
To mix only, no effort is needed.

Chemical additive (Amino Acid) and colouring not used at all.
Brilliant smell and luxurious taste produced 'Wadaman Golden Ground Sesame' as base, mix with non-additive soy sauce and non-additive bonito, slowly mixing the taste of Satsunan-Niontou.

* Satsunan-Niontou ... The goodness of soft bron sugar and superfine sugar is combined in this sugar.

* It is a different product from 'Osaka Sesame Dressing'.
- No chemical additive added.
- The sweeter and richer taste to Osaka Sesame Dressing is the feature.
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