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北杜ファーム八ヶ岳 - 乾燥しいたけ Hokuto Farm Yatsugatake - Dried Shitake [HFY-0002-D]

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This is Genboku-Shitake`s dried one, plentiful nutrition and plenty of quantity. 80g Dried Genboku Shitake are packed in a bag, which you can use for many times.

It is very convenient for use as they come in various sizes which are packed together. Please make great use of this special Shitake for nimono-cooking, chawanmusi(pot-steamed hotch-potch, chirashi sushi(sashimi-covered sushi rice), takikomi-gohan(cooked rice with ingredients),etc. This is almighty ingredients for making Japanese dish!! Please try your choice and feel good
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