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井手商店 - 和歌山ラーメン Ide Syouten - Wakayama Ramen[IDE-0001-D]

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異常人気の井手商店はトンコツ系のラーメンです! 和歌山の井手商店は午後3時開店、即満席。深夜3時まで行列が続き、平日で500玉、土日で1000玉は出るといいます。創業、昭和28年7月。創業当時は澄んだ醤油味のスープでしたが、年を経て、炊き込むうちにスープが濁り、まろやかなトンコツ醤油味に。いわゆる井手商店の味です。九州のトンコツスープとはまったく違う味です。スープはトンコツなのに、脂分が乳化し、しつこくないまろやかな味わい。麺はストレートの細麺で、なめらか。 テレビ番組で、ラーメン通たちが日本一に選んだ店“井手商店”のお味をぜひお試しください。


Tonkotsu Ramen range of Ide shop is unusally popular!

Ide shop of Wakayaka opens at 3pm with immediate full occupancies. It is said that the queue continues until 3am selling 500 bowls in weekdays and 1000 bowls during weekends.

It was first established in July 1953. Clear soy sauce was used when established, over the years the soup become thick with cooking and finally the smooth Tonkotsu soy sauce taste. It is so-called 'the taste of Ide Shop'. The taste is totally different from the Kyushu Tonkotsu Soup.

Although it's pig bones soup, the fat content has emulsify and the taste is smooth and does not persist. The straight thin noodle is smooth.

Do try out the taste of 'Ide Shop', the shop that ramen experts had chosen as Japan's No.1 on TV programme.
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