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酒悦 - 福神漬け Shuetsu - Fukujinzuke[SHU-0004-D]

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酒悦は福神漬けの元祖です。福神漬けといえば今では普通名詞の ように使われていますが、生みの親は実は酒悦なのです。  

明治の初めに酒悦15代目が創製し、原料が大根、茄子、蕪、 なた豆、しそ、瓜、れんこんの7種入っていて、店が不忍池の 弁天宮に近いところから、七福神にちなんで福神漬けと名付けられ ました。  

創業以来の伝統と熟練の味、昔ながらの製法にこだわり、添加剤を 一切使わず、じっくり時間をかけ漬け込んだ本物の味をお試し下さい。


Fukujinzuke sounds very common today, but Shuetsu is the founder of "Fukujinzuke". In the beggining of the Meiji Era, the 15`s president of Shuetsu produced Fukujinzuke which ingredients were Radish, Eggplant, Turnip, Natamame(bean) Siso, Pickling Melon, lotus Root.

These seven kinds related to the Seven Gods of Good Fortune, plus the location of the Shop was near the Pond Shinobazu(guard Benten-god) they were named "Fukujinzuke" They follow their traditional and professional taste, are particular about old days methods of manufacture. There are no food additives, must try their genuine taste.
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