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川原田商店 - 川原田商店 Kawarata Shouten - Osashimi Seaweed[KRT-0001-C]

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太平洋を望む本州最東端のまち宮古には旬の海産物がいっぱい。その宮古ではじめて焼まつもを商品化した川原田商店より次の商品をお届けします 。



Miyako, located in the eastern most of Honshu in Japan, facing Pacific Ocean, has a lot of fresh marine products. Kawarata Shouten who was the first to produce "Yakimatsumo", bring the products as follows.

Farming-Seaweed season starts late February to March so it can be eaten raw for salad and miso soup etc. otherwise it will become big-sized and hard to eat when they are taken after this period.themselves.
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