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就一郎漬本舗 - 野沢菜漬け Shuichiro - Nozawana Pickles[SCR-0001-F]

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信州安曇野産の野沢菜をアルプスの雪どけ水で洗いあげ、 漬けあげた手作りの逸品です。  

無添加(保存料、甘味料、着色料一切なし)にて 安心、安全です。健康のため塩分も控え目です。


Manufactuer, Shuuichirou-zuke Honpo, has been making famous Nozawana-zuke pickles by traditional hand made method using selected Nozawana made Azumino since more than 60 years ago.

Nozawana made in Azumino, Shinshuu is washed by water from Alpes and made into pickles by hand made method.  

No additives (preserving, sweetening, coloring) are used.
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